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Our most popular show is a great introduction to the world of reptiles. Learn snake secrets and laugh at our lizard stories and turtle tales. Our educators and animal stars are sure to give your students a show they won’t forget and we promise that you’ll have fun too! Featured animal stars may include a boa or python, tortoise, lizards and other amazing animals.

Discover the dynamic world of tropical rainforests while you meet beautiful jungle animals. Gorgeous animals from each layer of the forest will be featured along with educational tales of survival in this fascinating and endangered environment. Featured animal stars may include an iguana, boa constrictor, turtle and other rainforest creatures.

Students will meet reptiles from a variety of habitats and discover why healthy ecosystems are so important to all life on Earth. This program was created using the Virginia Standards of Learning in Science to help teacher motivate their students to learn. Featured animals may include a boa constrictor, box turtle, bearded dragon, and other animals from around the world.

Awesome animals from the awe-inspiring desert will be showcased during this program about one of our planet’s most extreme habitats. Find out how animals can survive in such harsh environments. Featured animal stars may include a uromastyx, tortoise, gecko, and more extreme animals.

Uncover the secrets of the reptiles living in your own backyard. Learn what to do when you encounter wild animals and how to help wildlife in your own neighborhood. Featured animals may include an eastern rat snake, box turtle, snapping turtle, and other amazing native species.

This educational live animal show explores various wetland habitats. Discover how wetland reptiles and amphibians adapt to the many challenges that come with living in aquatic environments. Featured animals may include the spotted salamander, american alligator, iguana & more!

Lesson plans, Crafts, and more:

Fun science lessons, activities, arts, crafts, and projects that include a reptile theme. Have fun and feel free to pass them around or modify them to fit your needs.

Reptiles Alive LLC - Kids Page

Fun and educational coloring sheets, word searches and puzzles.

Crawlin Collage

Build a whole ecosystem or even a world with magazine cutouts and learn to place animals in their proper biome.

Toad House

Your students will encourage an amazing animal to move in to your yard with this fun and creative project.


Students will learn how reptiles smell with their tongues in this exciting and fun experiment.

Animal Classification

Learn how classification works in a fun exercise with classroom objects.

Food Web

Learn about the importance of different animals in the ecosystem and their roll in the food web.

Where in the World

Travel the world and learn about human culture and languages, then present to the class!

Coloring Pages & Wordfinds

Keep your little artists busy with these fantastic coloring pages.

The Blind Naturalist

Students learn how scientists may use all their senses to learn about the natural world.

Reptile Adaptation

Discover what allows animals to survive in their own environment while using their imagination.

Reptiles Rock

Students will research and build the perfect world for a reptile in this creative and fun lesson focused on reptile habitats.


Students will learn about animal camouflage and design camo for a creature of their own.

Cold Blooded

A fun outdoor experiment that teaches children basic laws of thermodynamics as they pretend to be a reptile.

Sound Art

Students will listen with their ears and create with their minds a beautiful picture of an animal sound.

“The scouts really love her doing the alligator courting song.” – Bob Becklund, Cubmaster, Fairfax, VA



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  1. Charlottesville Central Library Reptiles Alive Show

    June 19 @ 10:30 am - 11:15 am
  2. Louisa Branch Library Reptiles Alive Show

    June 19 @ 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm
We had a great experience with Reptiles Alive for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. Rachel arrived exactly on time, set up quickly, and immediately engaged the group of curious children. We had an impromptu dance party while waiting for last minute guests and Rachel was very accommodating. The children LOVED the show!! And my soon-to-be 11 year old wants them to come for his birthday! I highly recommend Reptiles Alive for your next event!read more

Kelly Maguire

Kelly Maguire

22:57 12 Mar 18

We just had Reptiles Alive come to our preschool and the kids loved it!! We had 4 shows over 2 days to accommodate all our children and everything went great! Caroline was very easy to work with and quick to respond to all my emails. She was our presenter too and was early each day and ready to go when the kids arrived. She really geared her show towards our audience (2-5yr olds) and had them laughing and answering her questions and touching the animals. It was perfect… we would definitely book them again!!read more

Lauren Dolinski

Lauren Dolinski

20:47 01 Mar 18

We booked Reptiles Alive for our son’s 7th birthday party. Miss Rachel put on an amazing show for the 20 kids we had over. The highlight was when my son and I had the chance to hold a long and surprisingly heavy boa constrictor named Sunflower. The show was both educational and fun for the kids, and it kept them captivated for a full hour – priceless!!read more

Rick Jandrain

Rick Jandrain

01:53 06 Feb 18

Rachel is an awesome instructor and very good with many kids. The reptiles were fascinating. This was a great birthday party for my daughter and her second grade class.read more

Robert McKeon

Robert McKeon

23:26 26 Feb 18

We invited Reptiles Alive for our birthday party. Ms. Rachel did a wonderful job to educate the kids about the fun facts of Reptiles and also kept them entertained and focused. It’s not a easy job facing a bunch of 7-year-old boys and 3-year-old preschoolers. We highly recommend Reptiles Alive show. It’s fun and full of knowledge!read more

Tianchan Niu

Tianchan Niu

22:09 17 Dec 17

We had Reptiles Alive join us for a country club event and they did an outstanding job! Ashley was amazing and so professional. She was very interactive with the children and played the role perfectly. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!read more

Chelsea Barb

Chelsea Barb

20:20 28 Mar 18

We’ve been working with Reptiles Alive for the past 4 years now and they show up and show out every time. Everything from booking to the day of is efficient and friendly. At our past event, presenter Liz did 6 shows back to back for our campers, which is truly impressive and phenomenal. We will continue to work with Reptiles Alive for years to come and really appreciate the work and educating that they do!read more

Lydia Vanderbilt

Lydia Vanderbilt

21:09 05 Apr 18

Reptiles Alive gave an awesome show at our elementary school! The presenter was so much fun and really engaged the children. Very cool reptiles and a great interactive meet and greet at the end. The kids loved it!read more

Jonathan Grau

Jonathan Grau

14:52 07 Apr 18

I am in charge of grade level assemblies at our school and our 3rd grade has RA in for their Rain Forest show every year to reinforce the things they have learned about in class. This is my second year working with them and I have been absolutely thrilled with the interaction to book the event and with the presenters. They engage the kids and help make them a part of the show. I can’t say enough about this wonderful program and the amazing people that work there.read more

Kim Painter

Kim Painter

23:32 07 Apr 18

We love this show at our preschool!! The kids have so much fun and learn a lot! They are very organized and always start on time. We have always had a wonderful experience with Reptiles Alive and can’t wait to have them back again!read more

Melissa Jones

Melissa Jones

15:06 20 Apr 18

Reptiles Alive LLC visited our 1st grade friends and did the “Reptiles Alive!” show. They exceeded all of our expectations and were excellent at keeping the students engaged. The students have talked about it for days after, even repeating some of the facts they have heard! I would highly recommend Reptiles Alive!read more

Brittney Gjorgjievski

Brittney Gjorgjievski

16:12 14 May 18

Reptiles Alive was a MAJOR hit at the Mattie Miracle Walk & Family Festival. Rachel was incredibly professional, engaging, and clearly loves what she does. She made the show and meet & greet fun for both kids and adults. Can’t wait to have Reptiles Alive back next year to our event. We received a lot of positive feedback from our guests and we were thrilled to see how well attended the show was at our event. Thank you Reptiles Alive!!!read more

Peter Brown

Peter Brown

01:58 22 May 18

Caroline did an awesome job for our kindergarten Reptiles Alive performance. She held their attention and told fun stories. The reptiles are so cool! Every time she introduced a new reptile, the kids were amazed. I recommend the “meet and greet” time as well. My students will never forget touching a boa constrictor! Thanks Reptiles Alive!read more

Michelle Baldwin

Michelle Baldwin

03:00 09 Jun 18