My Interview with Reptiles Alive Director

 This posting is from a recent email we received:

“One of my students has seen you at our school for an assembly and wanted to include info about you and your reptiles in the magazine he is creating as a classroom project –  He would be thrilled to hear from you.”

My Interview with Reptiles Alive Director Caroline Seitz

Q: What is the most common reptile in Virginia ?

A:Hmmm, that is a tough question.  Black racer snakes, black rat snakes, garter snakes, ringneck snakes, brown snakes, worm snakes, and northern water snakes are all very common.  Also, snapping turtles, painted turtles, and five lined skink lizards too.

Q: What do you like more, lizards or snakes?

A:  I love them both!

Q: What habitat do most reptiles live in?

A:  You can find reptiles every where on Earth except Antarctica and Ireland.  They live in forests, deserts, gasslands, and wetlands.  Even in the ocean.  It is hard to say where “most” reptiles live.

Q: What is the most deadliest lizard?

A:  There are reports of Komodo monitor lizards, Gila monster and beaded lizards killing people after they were bitten.  However, the reports are very few and very hard to verify – so in general, I think that lizards are not very deadly.

Q: What is the most deadliest snake?

A:  Many Australian snakes, like the taipan and brown snake, are highly venomous.  The African puff adder and Indian Russell’s viper probably kill the most people, however, because they live in areas where there are lots of people who walk in bare feet and there is not very good medical care.

Q: What is your favorite reptile?

A:  I love them all!

Q: What do you feed most of your reptiles?

A:  Our insectivores eat live crickets, giant mealworms, giant cockroaches and earth worms.  Our herbivores mostly eat home grown veggies like dandelions, collard greens, kale, bok choy, and more.  Our carnivores eat mostly frozen and then defrosted mice and rats.

Q: How many reptiles can you think of?

A:There are about:  27 kinds of crocodilians, 900 kinds of turtles, 6000 lizards, 3000 snakes, 2 tuataras, and maybe 10 amphisbeanians.

Q: How many reptiles do you personally own?

A: I personally own one cat named Mr. Shadow Kitty Berrow.

Q: What is the most rarest reptile in Virginia?

A: Maybe the Northern Pine Snake.

Sunshine Status

Some of you may know that Sunshine, our albino Burmese python, was diagnosed with a bacterial lung infection a few months ago and was on sick leave for about 3 months.  She has made a full recovery and is back at work right now at the Celebrate Fairfax festival.

Back in early March, we noticed Sunshine seemed a bit congested, so we took her to see Dr. Emily Hoppmann, a DVM who specializes in exotic animals, including snakes.  So, you could actually call her a “snake doctor.”  She works at SEAVS (Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services) which is nationally renowned exotic animal clinic located in Vienna, VA.

Dr. Hoppmann examined Sunshine and took a nasal culture to be sent for testing.  Sunshine tested positive for two types of bacteria that can cause respiratory disease in snakes.  Two antibiotics were prescribed and every day for about 30 days, we had to give Sunshine a shot.  She didn’t get a lollipop after her shots, but she did get better.

After Sunshine was finsished with her medicine, we wanted to wait until she had rested for awhile before taking her to work.  Sunshine is now doing great – she is eating lots of defrosted frozen rats and is very active.

We also learned two things about her from Dr. Hoppmann.  One, Sunshine IS a GIRL!  We actually didn’t know for sure until now.  Two,  Sunshine is getting to be a senior citizen.  Dr. Hoppmann explained that most albino Burmese pythons live around 20 years or so, and Sunshine is around 16.

We are so grateful to Dr. Hoppmann and all of the great reptile vets at SEAVS.  Thank you all for helping Reptiles Alive keep our reptiles alive!


Snapping Turtle Invasion!


Eastern Snapping Turtle

Posting by Caroline Seitz

This past weekend was invasion of the snapping turtle time. Mama snappers left the comfort of their wet homes to invade suburban yards to lay their eggs.  So, here at Reptiles Alive, we got a ton of calls from people concerned about the turtles and wanting to know what to do.

“There is a snapping turtle laying eggs in my yard – what should I do?”

Well, the short answer is, nothing.  If you leave the mama snapper alone, she will simply lay her eggs and leave.  The mama turtle will not guard her nest or take care of the babies.  If and when the eggs hatch, the babies will go on their way.

The long answer:

Snapping turtles spend most of their lives at the bottom of ponds, lakes, and rivers.  They eat carrion, fish, and other creatures that get too close to their powerful jaws.

In the Mid-Atlantic region, female snapping turtles will leave the water to lay their eggs in late May and early June.  The female turtles may walk a mile or more away from the water to find a suitable nesting site.  Once she finds a good spot, she will dig a hole with her back legs.  She might dig multiple holes before laying and she might lay eggs in multiple nests – so just because you see a turtle digging a hole in your yard does not neccessarily mean there will be eggs buried there.

After laying the eggs, the turtle may hang around for a day or so because she is tired, but she will soon leave.  Like most reptiles, turtles do not care for their young or protect their eggs.  The female will simply abandon the nest and head back to her watery home.

Most of the eggs laid by turtles will  never hatch.  Many of the eggs are predated upon by raccoons, foxes, and insects.  Some of the eggs may be infertile.  So, if a turtle has laid eggs in your yard, the eggs may never hatch at all.

Some people ask if they can dig up the eggs and re-bury them in a “better” spot.  This is NOT a good idea.  If reptile eggs are moved or rolled, the embryos inside the egg can die.  Also, the female turtle instinctively knows the right depth, temperature, moisture level, etc… that the eggs need for proper development.  If you dig a hole and “plant” the eggs, they will almost certainly die.  If you feel you must re-locate the eggs, the best chance the eggs will have is for you to artificially incubate them.  There is a good article about turtle egg incubation at

If the eggs do hatch, the quarter size babies will usually scatter away from the nest and head for the nearest body of water.  If you have artificially incubated the eggs, you need to release the babies in a pond or other slow moving body of water as close the original nesting site as possible.  Do not attempt to feed the babies or keep the babies for any length of time.  Release them immediately.

If the babies are very lucky, they can live up to around 30 years or more and grow from a tiny quarter size to giant 20 pound turtle.

Memorial Day or Reptile Day?

Memorial Day was a particularly busy day, herpetologically speaking.  I started the day in my garden with a cup of coffee and a Northern Brown Snake basking on top of some thyme.  I was careful not to disturb the little foot long snake, and he seemed happy to hang out.  I love having brown snakes in the garden since they love to eat slugs and snails.  I also just happen to like snakes in general.

As Rachel was getting ready to drive in to work, she spotted her neighbor about to hurt a Black Rat snake that was in his front yard. Luckily, she was able to save the snake and move it to the woods in the back of his property.  Black Rat snakes help control rodent populations and are not dangerous to humans in any way.

Later, while Rachel was loading animals to go to her show, she heard our next-door neighbor scream!  She asked if he was ok and he said he just saw a snake in his golf bag in the garage and would she please come and get it.  Rachel had to leave so she would be on time for her reptile birthday show, so she came and got me.  I went over to my neighbor’s and found the 4 feet long Black Rat snake hiding behind a shelf in the back of his garage.  I gently picked it up, carried it to the bushes in my front yard and released it.

Whew – but that was not all!

As usual, I saw the Five-lined Skink lizards that live in the my compost area.  These beautful blue, yellow, and brown striped lizards are fantastic insect hunters and are a fabulous addition to any garden.  They are also fun to watch.

The grand finale of the reptile day was in the evening.  We had a Reptiles Alive Memorial Day barbecue with Jen Pennington, Jen Rafter, Rachel and a few other friends and family members.  As Rachel was walking in the garden, she found a young Eastern Box turtle!  We all looked at the turtle and noted how young and healthy it looked before returning it to the garden.

So, to review, in one day in one neighborhood we saw:   One Northern Brown snake, one Black Rat Snake, two Five-lined Skinks, one Eastern Box turtle and Rachel saw one more Black Rat snake in her neighborhood before she came to work.

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We had a great experience with Reptiles Alive for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. Rachel arrived exactly on time, set up quickly, and immediately engaged the group of curious children. We had an impromptu dance party while waiting for last minute guests and Rachel was very accommodating. The children LOVED the show!! And my soon-to-be 11 year old wants them to come for his birthday! I highly recommend Reptiles Alive for your next event!read more

Kelly Maguire

Kelly Maguire

22:57 12 Mar 18

We just had Reptiles Alive come to our preschool and the kids loved it!! We had 4 shows over 2 days to accommodate all our children and everything went great! Caroline was very easy to work with and quick to respond to all my emails. She was our presenter too and was early each day and ready to go when the kids arrived. She really geared her show towards our audience (2-5yr olds) and had them laughing and answering her questions and touching the animals. It was perfect… we would definitely book them again!!read more

Lauren Dolinski

Lauren Dolinski

20:47 01 Mar 18

We booked Reptiles Alive for our son’s 7th birthday party. Miss Rachel put on an amazing show for the 20 kids we had over. The highlight was when my son and I had the chance to hold a long and surprisingly heavy boa constrictor named Sunflower. The show was both educational and fun for the kids, and it kept them captivated for a full hour – priceless!!read more

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Rick Jandrain

01:53 06 Feb 18

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Robert McKeon

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We invited Reptiles Alive for our birthday party. Ms. Rachel did a wonderful job to educate the kids about the fun facts of Reptiles and also kept them entertained and focused. It’s not a easy job facing a bunch of 7-year-old boys and 3-year-old preschoolers. We highly recommend Reptiles Alive show. It’s fun and full of knowledge!read more

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Tianchan Niu

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Chelsea Barb

20:20 28 Mar 18

We’ve been working with Reptiles Alive for the past 4 years now and they show up and show out every time. Everything from booking to the day of is efficient and friendly. At our past event, presenter Liz did 6 shows back to back for our campers, which is truly impressive and phenomenal. We will continue to work with Reptiles Alive for years to come and really appreciate the work and educating that they do!read more

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Lydia Vanderbilt

21:09 05 Apr 18

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Jonathan Grau

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I am in charge of grade level assemblies at our school and our 3rd grade has RA in for their Rain Forest show every year to reinforce the things they have learned about in class. This is my second year working with them and I have been absolutely thrilled with the interaction to book the event and with the presenters. They engage the kids and help make them a part of the show. I can’t say enough about this wonderful program and the amazing people that work more

Kim Painter

Kim Painter

23:32 07 Apr 18

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Melissa Jones

15:06 20 Apr 18

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Brittney Gjorgjievski

Brittney Gjorgjievski

16:12 14 May 18

Reptiles Alive was a MAJOR hit at the Mattie Miracle Walk & Family Festival. Rachel was incredibly professional, engaging, and clearly loves what she does. She made the show and meet & greet fun for both kids and adults. Can’t wait to have Reptiles Alive back next year to our event. We received a lot of positive feedback from our guests and we were thrilled to see how well attended the show was at our event. Thank you Reptiles Alive!!!read more

Peter Brown

Peter Brown

01:58 22 May 18

Caroline did an awesome job for our kindergarten Reptiles Alive performance. She held their attention and told fun stories. The reptiles are so cool! Every time she introduced a new reptile, the kids were amazed. I recommend the “meet and greet” time as well. My students will never forget touching a boa constrictor! Thanks Reptiles Alive!read more

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Michelle Baldwin

03:00 09 Jun 18

Reptiles Alive! came to our elementary school for a 3rd grade assembly. Nothing ruffles this organization — they can handle kids of all ages, big groups or small, and bring a *ton* of animals. They are engaging, age-appropriate and bring their own mic system so hearing is not a problem. I highly recommend the meet and greet more

Stacey Evers

Stacey Evers

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The show was a success, we had around 20 kids between 5-12. Lizzard Liz was great, she was able to keep all of them really interested. The reptiles were amazing, she even brought a small alligator and a boa more

florencia behrensen

florencia behrensen

14:39 02 Jul 18

Caroline at Reptiles Alive! always gives us the best show! It is fun and informative with a variety of reptiles each time she comes. We LOVE Reptiles Alive at Happy Faces Daycare in Centreville, VA!read more

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts

13:56 12 Jul 18

Amazing 5-year old birthday party- Everyone loved the party, especially the birthday boy, who got to be the star of the show (besides the critters). Liz was on time, prepared, AMAZING at answering kids’ and adults’ questions, incredible breadth of knowledge, so good with the kids and animals, made the party fun, arrived on time, totally professional and courteous and an amazing ambassador of animals and representative of Reptiles Alive. We got to meet a few great snakes, a small alligator, a boa constrictor(!), tree frog, bearded dragon, gecko, and more

Stacey R

Stacey R

12:55 30 Jul 18

This organization is great! They have a wide varieties of different shows that appeal to all types of audiences. The educators are very gentle with the animals and engaging with the students. Our educator, Caroline, was awesome! She spoke to the children in different voices, was very interactive, creative, and fun. The kids laughed and loved it. I also really liked the additional education that they provided us, as they told us about the origin of the animals that they were showing. It was also really nice to hear that not only the animals have big, safe, appropriate homes, but also that a great deal of their animals are rescues. I would highly recommend this show and we will definitely be booking them again in the future!read more

Mandi Ellis

Mandi Ellis

13:05 08 Aug 18

Had Reptile Alive for my son’s 5th birthday in October. The party was in Maryland. Paid the travel fee and the animals were there on time. The presenter was so nice et patient to my kids and his friends. She provided a lot of information and interacted very well with the crowd. She went beyond the show time and made sure my son had a good party. He loved it!! Loved the fact that he could hold most of the animals and that she even had some tasks for him!! I was very proud and I will recommend this company!! It was an awesome show!! Thank you!read more

Linda Nana

Linda Nana

14:55 11 Oct 18

Perfect birthday party for my son who loves snakes and reptiles of all kinds. Liz was engaging, enthusiastic and made the birthday boy feel super special. All the kids had a blast!read more

Hina Ullah

Hina Ullah

22:26 22 Oct 18

We had Reptiles Alive perform at my son’s 7th birthday party. It was a great show. Tony did a fantastic job relating to the kids, maintaining the right energy level and imparting knowledge as he displayed the animals. Additionally, it was just the right length for the age group. I’d highly recommend Reptiles Alive for an more

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Gage Parr

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